„Why geophysics: If we want to find out what's under the ground, we must either dig down and look, or use geophysics to gather data, that we can interpret. Geophysical surveys measure the physical properties of the subsurface layers, allowing us to visualize structures we cannot access or see directly. This is achieved by taking subsurface measurements, reducing the need to drill exploratory boreholes.” Serfőző Antal (CEO of GEOGOLD KÁRPÁTIA Ltd.)

GEOGOLD KÁRPÁTIA Ltd. provides services in geological, hydrogeological and environmental projects and has gained huge experience in the field of shallow geophysical surveys.

The members of our team are highly experienced and well-trained geologist and geophysicists. The company has excellent relations with Hungarian universities that run Geological and Geophysical courses, and some of the most respected experts of the field are regularly involved in our works.

Our services start with the basic planning of projects, goes through all the important steps of the exploration work and results in building a GIS database from all the results we got. We already have experience in industrial and public water supply researches, water vulnerability diagnoses, engineering geophysics and landfill verifications.

GEOGOLD offers geophysical expertise from the beginning to the end of our customer's projects. We also strive to incorporate the newest technology and knowledge into our processes as soon as possible, which is what sets us apart from others working on this market.

We always choose and recommend financially efficient and professional solutions, tailored on the client's needs.

Main areas of our services:

Advantages of our services:

Speed and quality:
The process is an order of magnitude faster, but provides the same quality of data as classical investigation methods.

Economical benefits:
Geophysical surveys are many times cheaper than exploratory borehole drillings.

Risk reduction
related to the planning and execution of civil engineering projects.

Environmentally friendly, non intrusive methods:
geophysical methods do not involve destruction and excavation

Proven effectiveness:
geophysical methods have been widely used throughout the world for over 100 years

with the help of subsurface water flow modelling and the design of the monitoring network it is possible to determine the amount of water we can safely get from the wells

We own the legacy of design and professional rights of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers in the topics of water management, hydrogeology, well-boring and water protection (VZ-TEL, VZ-TER, VZ-VKG, SZKV-1.3., SZVV-3.9.)

Our aim is to operate according to the quality template ISO 9001:2008 (MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2009) and ISO 14001:2004 (MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005)